August Traeger Tinkle Tangle EP

I’ve created a promo EP for my Summer 2016 tour called TInkle Tangle:


All sound created using MaxMSP + water + various found-objects.

These tracks were created during preparations for a series of shows in the Summer of 2016. The concept of these shows is to take improvised found-sound and create a droning sound-collage-based bed. This bed is then expanded into shambling rhythmic sequences on-the-fly via MaxMSP patches, a bit of live coding, and hardware effects manipulation.

System / track info:
All sound created using contact microphones, vocal microphone, hardware effects, and MaxMSP. The MaxMSP system consists of various audio sequencers, a generative synthesized kick drum, physically modelled plucked strings, and various audio effects.

Source audio per track:
Inter Water – water
Tinkle Tangle – water
Drag Hunter – voice
Apt Adroit – water, broken stringed instrument
Cattle Baffle Pants – water, voice

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