In the audio realm I utilize all manner of found sound, visual programming (pure data + MaxMSP), hardware + software instruments and effects to create a wide array of music + sound art.  According to my current bio:

Blending abstract digital composition, databent sound sculptures and electro-acoustic landscapes into vistas of dense ambiance, August Traeger is a sonic vagabond. He has released a string of diverse albums under various names (including Somnaphon and Odd Person) on a variety of labels.  When not recording or performing he manages his own Bicephalic Records label and the Analog Minimum and Digital Minimum labels. He is a devout minimalist with maximalist tendencies.”


Some audio examples:

August Traeger “Tinkle Tangle”  These tracks were created during preparations for a series of shows in the Summer of 2016. The concept of these shows is to take improvised found-sound and create a droning sound-collage-based bed. This bed is then expanded into shambling rhythmic sequences on-the-fly via MaxMSP patches, a bit of live coding, and hardware effects manipulation


Somnaphon “An Alignment of Various Things” : Midi databending + field recordings + pure data synthesis + electronics + non-electronics + mouth + hands + eyes + other things.


Odd Person “Junk Tropics”  : Lo-fi bedroom trash techno.



Additional links to my labels/projects:

my personal Bandcamp page features a selection of solo & collaborative works.

Bicephalic Records – a DIY label releasing small editions of cassettes, cds, dvds, and records of experimental music.

digital minimum  – a netlabel focused on minimal digital electronic music.

analog minimum – ambient cassette works

select discography – an html table showing my discography